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The following qualifications are available through our approved centres.

Fundamental Gas – Domestic​

This training programme has been developed for new entrants candidates to meet the needs of industry and in compliance with IGEM/IG/1Standards of Training in Gas Work & the Gas Training Specification.To read the Domestic Natural Gas Training Specification Click here 

The programme is structured so as to ensure adequate learning is undertaken in a classroom environment before the candidate begins collecting work-based evidence. The classroom-based activity will include structured learning which will be underpinned with relevant assessments both practical and written to demonstrate both understanding and application of knowledge in each key area of gas safety and/or related activities.

At the successful completion of this course, candidates should be at a level of competence to undertake their Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS) core Domestic Gas Safety Assessments and any work-related appliances that may be required.

Please read the Candidates Scheme rules for further information.

ACS Gas -Domestic Natural Gas / LPG

adSkills Certification Ltd is accredited by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for ACS (NATIONALLY ACCREDITED CERTIFICATION SCHEME FOR INDIVIDUAL GAS FITTING OPERATIVES) scheme as listed in our UKAS schedule of accreditation.


Occasionally candidate requires a replacement certificate Note: If candidate never received their original certificate and notify us within 2 calendar months of the original certificate issue date, a replacement certificate may be issued for free., it can be requested by email or contact ACL certification team. There will be a charge of £50 for replacement certificate excluding VAT. Proof of identity is required before a replacement certificate will be issued. 

For a replacement certificate, please complete the form and contact us by either telephone or email as listed above.

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Candidates shall exhaust the assessment centres own complaints procedure where the complaint relates to centre conduct/performance if the outcome is then felt by the complainant to not have been properly addressed then it should be escalated to ACL in writing giving reasons for the complaint and outlining the expected outcome/resolution. 

Complaints against ACL directly relating to personnel, conduct etc must initially be addressed to the Scheme Manager, again outlining the reasons and required outcome/resolution if the complaint is regarding the Scheme Manager then the complaint should be marked for the attention of The Impartiality Committee. 

Resolution of complaints will be in writing detailing the decision and the reasons for it, the complainant will be kept appraised of the progress of the investigation etc, ACL will endeavour to resolve complaints in a timely and efficient manner. 


Candidates have the right to appeal any of the following:-

  • The assessment centres recommendation to not certificate but not the outcome of an assessment.
  • ACL decision to not certificate
  • ACL decision to withdraw or suspend certification
  • The outcome of a complaint against ACL 

The appellant will be required to pay a fee upfront to appeal a decision listed above if their complaint is then upheld this fee will be returned in full. 

Details of the appeal procedure are available on request or from the ACL website and in the matter of the assessment centres recommendation, this should initially be raised at the assessment centre at the time of the recommendation and their internal process exhausted prior to referral to ACL. 

All appeal requests must be in writing to ACL within 10 working days of the decision being appealed, clearly stating the reasons for the appeal. 

ACL will keep the appellant appraised at all times and will endeavour to resolve the appeal in a timely and efficient manner. All decisions will be provided in writing giving the reasons for the decision.

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I have had an amazing experience at the training centre. Not only have I gained skills, but have also found professional mentors to help with my future guidance. I am confident for the future and am grateful to be linked with this institute. If you’re looking for professional training and support, definitely come here!

Deep Singh

I completed my Gas Safe Course from Advance 4 Training. espite having 20 years of experience within the construction field, undertaking training here has truly unlocked my real potential as a Gas Engineer. This training has changed my life. I have pent six weeks under the guidance of professionals. I have received excellent value for money and would really recommend others to join this institute if you really want to become a Gas Safe Engineer.

Raja Sajid Khan

Very good training from the teachers in this centre verything is explained clearly and not rushed which allowed me to process the information better. Facilities are excellent, they offer free coffee and biscuits, which helps give me a good brain boost. Would highly recommend.

Martin Smith

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